What is EcoClean?

ECO-CLEAN is a revolutionary & innovative waterless washing concept for your vehicle. An innovative solution for cleaning your vehicle. Eco-clean consist of six separate products to take vital care of the vehicle while at wash. “Eco-Clean” saves around 200 liters of water for future, for every car wash, SINCE NO WATER IS USED. Saves immensely scarce electricity, SINCE NO ELECTRICITY IS REQUIRED .
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Science Behind the Magic

How Eco Clean Works
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How Eco Clean Works?

Eco–clean Green Care premium actually emulsifies & encapsulates dirt particles and lifts them off the surface of your vehicle with a terry towel. This unique ability does not scratch the paint. A hand buff with a microfiber cloth gives a beautiful glossy finish & also an UV Protrective coat. ECO-CLEAN is 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous, organic compound that contains kaolin Clay & the finest Carnauba wax.

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