So what are the causes of water scarcity?

Irregularity in rainfall – Over the past few years, rainfall has been extremely irregular. At times there have been excessive rains and flooding. In other times, there has been very less rainfall. In either situation, people had very less access to useable water.

Improper allocation of water – It is safe to say that water has become a premium commodity for the cities generally have more water compared to the villages where there are days and sometimes weeks without water. In a few places in cities too, water is available in particular slots of 1 or 2 hours a day.

Water wastage – Though leakages are the main reason behind water wastage, the most important reason for water wastage is the way we use it. How many times do we keep the water flowing while we brush our teeth or while washing utensils? How do we wash our cars? Every car service centres spends 200 litres of water per car. Is there any justification for this when we know that about 700 million people in the world face water scarcity in their part of the country?

Our responsibility for a bright future:

Imagine an evening in your life. You have slogged the entire day, just to discover that at the end of the day, nothing that you did gave results that are favourable to you. The world has been tough and has been testing you every living moment to ensure that you do not survive the day. With this background and mindset you enter your house. An old loving lady called your Mother, who has always been there during your thick and thins, comes towards you and gives you a smile which reflects she has read your story and which assures you that tomorrow is your day. You take the glass of water that she had got for you and start emptying it in rushing gulps to wash away your frustration. Half-way through the glass you realize, you drank the water to wash away frustration and not with a sense that after a long day you deserve to enjoy every drop of water that your mother has brought for you. You stop there and look at the glass. It is half empty. You pause for a while and look at the glass again and you realize that it is half full. You then start drinking the water more responsibly, enjoying every moment of it. You now drink it with a feeling that you sincerely deserve this “Amrit”. You are more careful and more respectful towards it.

Let’s use water with this attitude. In life, the things that we respect the most, stays with us. Those, which we do not respect, are taken away from us. That is the rule of life. The future is bright, provided we use water more responsibly. There may be external factors that are not directly in our control. For e.g. less rainfall is not directly in our control. There are several factors that contribute to it. But we should definitely be able to control proper usage of water, to not waste it. After all its our life.