If you were to ask a group of people, what is water; 99% of the times you would hear an answer “Water is life!!!” So true. Imagine a day without water and you would feel as if you were dead. Truly, whatever we do daily, water contributes majorly towards our routine. Broadly, we use water for consumption and to maintain good hygiene of self and surrounding.

Let us understand the various sources of water on our planet.

Water, it is said to cover 71% of Earth’s surface. Out of this 71% about 96% is in the form of Oceans and hence saline. This leaves about 3% of the water in other forms of Rivers, Groundwater, Glaciers, etc. which is called fresh water. Out of this 3%, around 68.7% is in the form of Ice-caps and Glaciers, 30.1% in the form of Groundwater, 0.3% Surface water and 0.9% other water. 0.3% of surface water is in the form of 87% Lakes, 11% Swamps and 2% Rivers.


In our context, for all purposes the water resource which is mostly used is ground water and surface water that comprise of 30.4% of 3% of total water available to us. To put things in perspective, if a glass of water (approx. 250 ml) is equivalent to the total water available on Earth then only a few drops (2 ml) of water are available for our hygienic use.