Hey! I am Car Genie – your personal car detailing expert – and I am going to take you through the wonderful world of ECO-CLEANTM waterless car washing system. Firstly, I am a car genie and it's my purpose to fulfill all your wishes relating to car detailing. But hey, though my name is car genie, I am an upgrade to my ancestors who fulfilled only 3 wishes of their masters. I don't come with any such limits. I am here to fulfill as many wishes of yours as you want... as long as they are related to car detailing.

My Need

Let me ask you a simple question. If water causes metals to rust, what happens when we use water to wash our cars on a regular basis? Well, the car loses its charm and looks dull. Further, it messes up the area around your car, with stagnation of used water. Did you know that when you give your car for servicing, your car is washed thoroughly using high-speed jet pipes which consumes almost 200 litres of water per car. So if 5,000 cars get serviced/washed in India at various service centres per day, that's 10 Lakh litres per day. That's criminal in the society where some regions don't have even a glass of potable water to drink. That's where I come in. We can save water that is being used every day for washing our cars.

Introducing "ME"

ECO-CLEAN™ CAR GENIE WASH is a revolutionary waterless car washing system made especially for those who wish to have the basic car grooming features in one pack.


ECO-CLEAN™ CAR-ISMA is a single solution for car's exterior waterless cleaning and interior grooming. A versatile product, its unique composition removes the sharp dirt particles from the car surface without any scratches. It also acts as a perfect dresser for the car's interior surfaces.


ECO-CLEAN™ presents a perfect solution for crystal clear glass surfaces of your car – GLASSIQUE. Its unique formulation completely removes settled dirt, bugs, tree sap, grime, and other contaminants with equal ease and makes the glass streak-free and haze-free.


A microfiber is 1000X thinner to human hair. Millions of these ultra fine fibers are woven into a special structure to form microfiber cloth. It gently removes oily film-residues including finger print on waxes, polishes & glazes.

My Skills

You would be happy to know that I am made of all indigenous and organic ingredients. Hence, I am totally non-toxic, non-hazardous and environment friendly. So, using me is absolutely safe. I save one of the most important natural resources on our Planet Earth – Water. My goal is to make your car totally clean and add a shine to it so that it looks like a mirror. When you spray a light film of my CAR-ISMA on the area to be clean. You would love to watch me as my special formulation gently separates the dirt particles from the surface and encapsulates it within the droplets. No matter how strong the bond between dirt particles and the surface, I skillfully eliminate it within nano seconds. Once you wipe the surface with microfiber cloth the dirt gets wiped off seamlessly without leaving any marks or stains on the surface. This is exactly why your car surface or paint does not get any scratches even though the dirt particles may have sharp edges. Unlike water, my products do not leave any stains on the car surface. Now you need to just buff the cleaned surface with the other microfiber cloth to add a shine, so that it looks like a mirror.

How to use me

My FB status says "Not complicated". Just follow the following guidelines:

CAR-ISMA For Exterior Cleaning – Car external body surface

  • Spray a light uniform coating in a single sweeping motion
  • Wait for a second or two and gently wipe it with a micro fiber cloth
  • Use the other microfiber cloth for buffing
  • For Interior Cleaning – Car internal surface, dashboard, interior rubber moldings, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces
  • Spray a little CAR-ISMA on a microfiber cloth
  • Gently wipe the vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces of your car interiors
  • Use the other microfiber cloth for buffing

  • Spray GLASSIQUE in a light uniform coating with a single sweeping motion on the glass surface
  • Wait for a second or two and gently wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth and allow drying
  • Microfiber cloth can be reused for more than 100 washing cycles
  • Wash the used microfiber cloth with water and allow drying
  • Benefits

  • Revolutionary waterless car washing system
  • Protects the paint by encapsulating the sharp dirt particles. Hence, NO SCRATCHES
  • Cleans smoke film, bugs, tree sap, grime and other contaminants with equal ease
  • Prevents water stains or finger stains
  • Easier, faster, more hygienic than conventional water wash
  • Restores the richness of faded or discoloured trims and mouldings and sustains it for a long time
  • Makes the interiors look brand new
  • Makes your glass components look crystal clear, streak-free and haze-free
  • Other Products

    An Engine dresser- that give a brand new look to the most powerful component of your car the Engine.

    A Tyre dresser – that has a unique formulation that restores the original colour of your tyres.

    An Interior dresser- that restores the richness of faded or discoloured vinyl, rubber and plastic interiors of your car through innovative technology.

    A perfect antidote to those sticky, highly adhesive dirt particles, remains of road tar or other dirt on your car surface.

    Safety Measure & Caution

  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep container closed when not in use.
  • In case of Skin Contact, immediately wash your skin with soap and remove contaminated clothing. If irritation persists, consult a doctor.
  • In case of Eye Contact, immediately flush your eyes with plenty of water. If irritation persists, consult a doctor.
  • Every drop of ECO-CLEAN™ saves Water.

    Happy Driving

    Well, it was excellent talking to you. Hope you enjoyed my journey into your life. I thank you for making a wise decision to support the noble cause of saving water and also your car. If you have any concerns or issues using my products, just call me any time by dialing +91 9594044111 or writing to As I told you, I am a genie, I would be delighted to help you. By the way, I also accept genuine compliments. You can also find me on At your service to pamper your car and make it look gorgeous and handsome for its entire life. Happy Driving!

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